A downloadable game for Windows

This game was made in 5 days during the Creative Week of April 2018

-- INTRO --

Game made within a  week for the Creative Week managed by our school Bellecour in France.  

-- PITCH --

Move your ball through the board. Don't touch any walls and be ware of the time ! Try to get the best score!


Game designer, Lead artist & UI designer: Alexandre HARBUZINSKI - 

Game designer & Lead tech: Italo PARDAVE

Game designer & Lead level designer: Elisa RUSSO - https://twitter.com/russoelisa_

Game designer, Sound designer & Level designer: Michaël DUPORT - https://twitter.com/glurgludor Game designer & QA tester: Florian BISET -  https://twitter.com/PotagerMaximum


Use arrows or joysticks to move.


Void_V4.zip 29 MB