A downloadable game for Windows

This game was made in 5 days during the Creative Week of April 2018 

Time's ticking away  is a 2D 1V1 multiplayer game where players bravely fight each other in a parallel dimension filled with clocks. Your goal ? kill the enemy player or push him of the edge. Use unique features like a grappling hook and take advantage of the environment. Grab the clocks needles, jump, dash away etc. But you have to remember that times ticking away !  

Therefore you must be quick and agile because the clocks won't stay for too long...


  • Alexandre Tournois: Game Design and FX
  • Emma Magunar: Game Design and Artist
  • Jules Rouault : Sound Design
  • Alexis Sonnier : Level Designer
  • Thibault Dupré : Lead Animation and code
  • Julian Lecheminant : Code
  • Thomas Rousseau : Code


BuildGame.zip 42 MB